Los Alamitos homebuying: 2017 started slowly

St. Isadore Historical Plaza is one gem in Los Alamitos. FILE PHOTO St. Isadore Historic Plaza is one treasure in Los Alamitos. SUBMIT PHOTO Exactly how did the trading of Los Alamitos real estate

price in the year’s initial months? Taking a look at local residential property in the first quarter 2017, compared with the same period a year earlier, CoreLogic data show four fads for Los Alamitos … 1. 34 residences sold this year vs. 33 a year earlier. 2. That’s a gain of …

3 percent vs. a gain of 3.5 percent countywide. 3. Mean market price this year of$857,500

vs. $815,000 in 2016. 4. That’s a gain of 5.2 percent vs. a gain of 4.5 percent

countywide. And also here are 4 countywide trends to contemplate in the duration versus

2016: 1. By community, costs rose in 66 of 83 Orange Region ZIP codes; sales rose in 50 ZIPs. 2. In the 27 least costly ZIPs — where the highest possible median residence rate was$ 588,000 — 2,423 houses sold, up 5 percent. Sales rose — in 70 percent of these ZIPs. 3. In the 27 most costly ZIPs — where the means begin at $742,000 — 2,630 residences marketed, up 7.2 percent.

Sales increased in 59 percent of these ZIPs. 4. Million-dollar ZIPs: 9 with 551 sales —, up 13 percent vs. 10 million-dollar ZIPs a year ago.

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